Investing in Energy Efficiency

There are many reasons to invest in energy efficiency. For new buildings, the energy code adopted by the governing jurisdiction mandates minimum energy performance to which a building is designed. Any investment in energy performance beyond the code minimum for a new building is most often to achieve a green building certification. If built, commissioned, and operated accordingly these buildings can produce a return on investment versus a code minimum building. 

Retrofitting and upgrading existing buildings presents a large opportunity  for energy efficiency investment. The average age of commercial buildings in the US is over 40 years and it is estimated less than a few percent of new buildings are added to the US building stock each year. The foremost reason stakeholders invest in efficiency upgrades in existing buildings is for financial returns.


Energy Modeling


We perform energy modeling for owners, architects, designers and contractors.  Modeling predicts energy usage and can be used as a tool to determine savings on envelope and MEP upgrades.  

ROI Analysis


We provide economic analysis for efficiency and renewables projects. If you need a business case to secure funding, want to determine if a project is a viable investment, or need a comparative analysis of multiple alternatives, we have the expertise to help.

3rd Party Case Studies


We offer independent case studies for manufacturers, owners, and project stakeholders. As a 3rd party we offer objective feedback on your installed efficiency or renewables project. Let us handle the complexity of collecting & analyzing pre and post installation data to document the performance and return on investment realized. 

Facility Energy Studies and Audits


By performing a study or audit we can help you determine energy efficiency measures to implement at little or no cost with short payback periods.   Our energy studies and audits are customizable based on our clients needs.

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