We make sure you stay in compliance with all the top energy efficiency qualifications while also maintaining, and in most cases, upgrading performance. We want to go above and beyond the status-quo for you and make your projects outstanding for the people you serve. If you need commissioning, our staff is experienced and up to the challenge.

 A sample of systems our staff has experience commissioning includes chillers, cooling towers, boilers, pumps, thermal energy storage, air handling units, geothermal systems, packaged rooftop units, fan coil units, VAV boxes, energy recovery, fans, garage carbon monoxide systems, DX split systems, variable flow systems, lighting, electrical service and distribution, UPS systems, emergency generators, automatic transfer switches, fire alarm systems, renewable energy systems, and domestic hot water systems. 

Commissioning Services

Types of Commissioning & Compliance


Simple Payback provides MEP commissioning services to comply with the requirements for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) ratings, Austin Energy Green Building (AEGB) ratings, City of Austin energy code compliance, International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), and in existing buildings.

Systems Requiring Commissioning


Click above to see a table that compares the different types of commissioning tasks and systems required to be commissioned for the IECC, LEED and AEGB. 

New Building Commissioning & Compliance


  • LEED Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning
  • AEGB Basic and Additional Commissioning
  • COA Energy Code Compliance Commissioning
  • IECC Code Compliance Commissioning   

Existing Building Commissioning


Retrocommissioning (RCx) occurs in an existing building and can help owners identify specific problems and provide information needed to make MEP upgrades, retrofits or replacement decisions.  Equipment may not be performing according to the original design intent, or the intent may have changed since the original design creating systems that use more energy.  Poor HVAC performance can also create occupant discomfort or indoor air quality problems.  RCx can help identify and fix these issues.

Continuous Commissioning (CCx) is similar to RCx but involves an ongoing commissioning process that is implemented in an existing building to help identify issues as they occur for immediate correction. 

Multifamily Projects Compliance Testing


Multifamily construction projects are subject to different commissioning or testing requirements than commercial construction.  The testing that must occur are blower door, duct leakage, air balancing, system static pressure, differential pressure to the outside, and differential pressure from the bedrooms to the area where the main return air is located.  

Current COA energy code and IECC requires 15% of units have these tests performed when the building is four stories or less.  The AEGB Multifamily rating system requires 25% of the units have these tests performed when the building is six stories or less.  Buildings with the number of stories greater than what was just stated are subject to commercial commissioning requirements.

  • AEGB Multifamily Rating Basic Testing
  • COA Energy Code Compliance Testing
  • IECC Code Compliance Testing

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